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Science Documentaries in the works!

Nature of the Night: Dark Skies and the Nature of Light Pollution
Expected release in film festivals - March 2008  56:40
This documentary, filmed all over the US, is a comprehensive look at the problem of light pollution for the night time environment.  This documentary was filmed all over the country with experts in many fields.
A short version will be made available for residents to use in their local planning and zoning efforts to mitigate light pollution.

Dobson's Universe
Expected release: Fall 2008 - 90 minutes
A portrait of John Lowry Dobson, his impact on amateur astronomy, telescope making, sidewalk astronomy and his cosmological theories.  John Dobson is best know as the creator of the "Dobsonian Mount" which allowed larger reflecting telescopes (20-inch diameter and up) to be built by amateurs.  His cosmology challenges the widely accepted "Big Bang Theory".

Pushing Glass: The History of the Amateur Telescope Making Movement
Expected release: Indefinite. Finishing funds needed
This documentary features many interviews and footage from amateur telescope making conventions and historical archives. Over 200 hours of material has been collected.  Though it will probably be released as a feature film, there is enough information for a min-series.   The surplus footage may be later released as bonus material for 'connoisseurs' of amateur telescope making history.

Latest Documentary:
- The Volunteers of the Putnam Valley Fire Department
Directed by Maryann Arrien
1 hour 14 minutes 2 seconds

(note: this streaming video box doesn't show up in Firefox - only Internet Explorer, but you can download the .wmv file instead.)

“THE FIRE WITHIN” is a feature length documentary exploring the culture of the volunteer firefighters and the members of the Fire Department in Putnam Valley, NY and the towns beyond. It is an in-depth, inside look at the work they do, how they train, and what qualities they look for in potential volunteers. Issues of physical fitness, ‘fire tax’ implications, and general fire safety are covered, as well as a portrait of the fellowship phenomenon in the fire service and the mutual aid they practice between neighboring municipalities.

This documentary was shot over a period of several months, and was gleaned from approximately 17 hours of interview footage, as well as B-roll of various Fire Department events, demonstrations, parades, actual firefighter training in a 130 degree ‘hot’ room, and even a real fire call of a burning automotive shop.  The filmmaker, who happens to be the Community Media Coordinator for Putnam Valley Community Television, was able to add footage from Town archives to remind the residents of how the Fire Department members drop whatever they are doing to respond to a call.

Click PLAY > to begin, or
Click HERE to download the .wmv file (301MB)

NOTICE TO PEG Access Stations:
If you would like to air this on your local Government, Educational or Public Access channel,
you may click HERE to download an mpeg2 broadcast quality video file (2.31 GB), suitable for Leightronix streaming video servers.



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