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Brain Trust Productions Inc. is a full-service video production facility which produces documentaries, broadcast commercials, fundraising & promotional films, as well as corporate seminars and event coverage.

Our Mission

Film is a COLLABORATIVE medium, which works best when people with different expertise come together. When you work with our company, you JOIN THE BRAIN TRUST for the project at hand.  The name Brain Trust comes from the name of FDR's cabinet of advisors. 

About the Logo

The Brain Trust Logo is an Einstein Space Time Cone.  The bottom half of the cone represents the past. The top half the future.  The center point is the present.  The colored "world lines" in the bottom half of the cone represent different people in Space Time coming together and meeting in the present moment to produce a video project together. 

Sorry, but I studied a lot of Physics in my youth. 

Contact Information

For a quote on a job, or information about what Brain Trust Productions can offer, feel free to contact us.

Cell Phone
Postal address
93 Wiccopee Road, Putnam Valley NY 10579
Electronic mail
General Information: braintrust@usa.com
Customer Support:
Webmaster: Arrien@optonline.net


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